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I am basically interested in studying pathological brain states and carefully manipulating them to develop novel therapeutics. I do so by using biophysically realistic computational modeling and collaborating with experimental researchers. My long-term goal is to study how network activity and oscillations are altered in neurological disorders and develop novel strategies for neuroprotection. In particular, I would like to focus on hippocampus, a brain region closely connected with memory, cognition and also known for its involvement in numerous brain disorders. I believe that my research work would greatly help to uncover the brain mechanisms of behavior and how these mechanisms become abnormal in neurodegenerative diseases.

I would approach my research question by starting with brain oscillations in the form of EEG, ECOG and LFP.  With the help of EEG, ECOG and LFP, I would like to understand the mechanisms of various oscillations and oscillatory coupling (phase-amplitude and phase-phase coupling) both in functional and dysfunctional brain states. My ultimate goal is to provide a useful software tool to researchers and clinicians that would identify the aberrant brain mechanisms based on electrical data recorded from patients (EEG/ECOG). This would mean that we can use the brain electrical data (EEG/ECOG) as a proxy for what is happening inside a normal and abnormal brain.


In addition to that, I am interested in modeling depolarization block, a neuronal activity pattern known to be involved in a number of diseased brain states. My other research interests include identification of novel oscillatory biomarkers of post-traumatic epilepsy using EEG and LFP signals of brain injured rats and application of machine learning algorithms for automatization of parameter search in network models. 

EEG - Electroencephalography, ECOG - Electrocorticography, LFP - Local field potential, TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury

Past research projects


Computational modeling of network activity in the cerebellum (



Effect of alcohol on cerebellar network activity



Computational modeling of brain pathologies



Modeling of neurons in the retrosplenial cortex


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