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Journal Articles:

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  • Sudhakar, S.K., Torben-Nielsen, B., and De Schutter, E. (2015). Cerebellar nuclear neurons use time and rate coding to transmit purkinje neuron pauses. PLOS Comput. Biol. 11, e1004641. IF = 5.09

  • Sudhakar, S.K., Hong, S., Raikov, I., Publio, R., Lang, C., Close, T., Guo, D., Negrello, M., and De Schutter, E. (2017). Spatiotemporal network coding of physiological mossy fiber inputs by the cerebellar granular layer. PLoS Comput. Biol. 13, e1005754. IF = 4.28

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  • Sudhakar, S.K., Choi, T.J., and Ahmed, O.J. (2019). Biophysical Modeling Suggests Optimal Drug Combinations for Improving the Efficacy of GABA Agonists after Traumatic Brain Injuries. J. Neurotrauma 36, 1–14. IF = 4.05

  • Ahmed O.J., Sudhakar S.K. (2019). High frequency activity during stereotyped low frequency events might help to identify the seizure onset zone. Epilepsy Currents 19(3):184-186. IF = 3.3

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  • Brennan EW, Jedrasiak-Cape I, Kailasa S, Rice SP, Sudhakar SK, Ahmed OJ (2021). Thalamus and claustrum control parallel layer 1 circuits in retrosplenial cortex. eLife 10:e62207  [eLife DIGEST]. IF = 7.08

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  • Sudhakar, S.K., Mehta, K. (2024). Charting paths to recovery: Navigating traumatic brain injury comorbidities through graph theory–exploring benefits and challenges. Brain Organoid and Systems Neuroscience Journal; 2:10-16


  • Thombre I., Perepu P., Sudhakar S.K. (2023) Application of data science for classification of host phenotype using gut microbiota [Arxiv PREPRINT]

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